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The Great Australian Dream of owning your own home. Itís exciting but it can be equally worrying because here you are, particularly if you are a first home buyer, about to make probably the biggest investment in your life and you are confronted with a major decision.

Who do I go to for mortgage planning advice?
Go direct to any lending institution and they will unashamedly tell you they have the best and most competitive mortgage for you. This is often not the case.Work with Liberty Financial Services and you expand your possibilities to multiple lenders with a wide range of loan products. As a Member of PLAN (Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia) Liberty Financial Services is committed to acting with honesty and integrity at all times.

Pre- Approval
If you havenít yet found the right property for you, or are going to bid at an auction, then it is wise to know exactly what your budget is so we can assist you with a pre-approval. The benefits are that you are able to negotiate with confidence giving you greater bargaining power - plus also knowing exactly what you can spend can save you valuable hours looking for a property.

Building your own home
We aim to assist you choose an option suited to your needs so that funds are available from the time you purchase your land, to the time you proudly walk through the door of your new home. It is important during the construction of your home that as certain benchmarks are reached you have timely access to funds so there are no delays.

Other possibilities
In certain circumstances a family member with equity in their own home may be able to act as guarantor to assist a home buyer who would not normally meet lending criteria to purchase a property.

Liberty Financial Services has a proven track record of assisting home buyers choose an option suited to their needs in a stress free professional manner.
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